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Shawn Ramirez - Tax Preparer, LA Office Marketing Director  10  years

Kelly Ross - Assoc. Marketing Director, Ontario Office  9 years

Valerie Dortch - Admin Asst, Assoc. Marketing Director  LA Office  4 years

Charlynn Parker - Office Manager, Human Resources, LA Office  11 years

Tracey Ramirez - Tax Preparer, Blogmaster, Twitter Co-ordinator, LA Office 6 years

Karen Griffin - Social Media Marketing Guru

Nicholas Ramirez - Office Assistant/Intern



At Call the Tax Doctor, you’re getting top level service from trusted experts who have been preparing income tax returns for over 30 years.

Kevin started as an apprentice for John L. Johnson & Associates in 1984. After learning income tax preparation for four years, he branched out on his own.

Call the Doctor is a professional, reliable service you can trust, and it wouldn’t be possible without an excellent team. Their hard work, dedication, and close attention to detail have made Call the Doctor the best tax office in the greater Los Angeles area. 

We operate as a family and we’re here to serve you.

You can rely on our expert service to complete your tax returns the same day. All our tax preparers are registered with the California Tax Education Council and we keep abreast of all IRS, state, and local regulations.​


You will be paid $25 upon completion of the tax return. Each person you refer must have taxes completed by Call the Tax Doctor. Each referral is worth $25 and there is no limit on the number of clients you may refer.

Last year our clients brought over 140 new clients to our office.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.  This year our goal is 150 new clients.  We love and appreciate your referrals.  Keep' em coming!

At first, he went door to door with pencil and paper in hand. The goal was to provide tax return preparation, and the offer was well-received. Eventually, the phone rang off the hook with calls from local people needing immediate help with their personal and business taxes.

It was clear. The demand for income tax preparation was far too massive for one guy to handle.

Los Angeles needed help with their taxes in a big way.

He had one mission: To support Los Angeles residents by completing their tax returns in an accurate, reliable way. And fast.

Kevin started Call the Tax Doctor in January 1995, and he opened his first Los Angeles office in 1999. Since then, he’s gathered an amazing team of dedicated, service-minded tax preparers. It’s been an incredible and rewarding journey.