All W-2 forms

All 1099's including Unemployment, Social Security, Independent Contractor

Awards, Prizes, Gambling Income

Retirement Income including IRA or 401k distributions

Alimony Received or Paid

Legal Settlement, Disability Settlement

K-1 from Estates, Trust or S-Corp, LLC's

Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Property Tax Statements

Car registration (License Fee Only)

Interest and Dividend  Income received from Bank Accounts, Credit Union or Brokerage Accounts

All stock sells, including purchase and sell amounts

What documentation is needed ?

The following is a list of documents needed to prepare your income taxes.  Everyone's tax situation is different and complicated.  As such this list may not include a specific item to your tax situation.  Please call us to discuss any extraordinary tax filing.

Telephone:  (323) 292-5407

Fax:               (877) 690-7818

New clients only: Drivers License, Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificates of Dependents

Copies of last 3 years tax returns

Union Dues paid

College Tuitiion paid out of pocket  and Student Loan Interest

Medical Expenses exceeding 10% of your income

Any purchase or sells of Real Estate

Cancelled Debt from Credit Cards or Mortgage

Early withdrawal fees on CD's

Quarterly Taxes Paid

Adoption Fees Paid

Contribution made to Roth or traditional IRA or annuity

Foreign Bank account info

Energy Efficient Home Improvements (Must own the home)