• Interest and Dividend Income. Did you receive interest income from bank or credit union accounts, or dividend income from brokerage accounts? Bring your 1099-INT or 1099-DIV forms.
  • Profits from Stock Sells. Did you sell stock during the past year? The IRS may collect capital gains tax on your earnings. Bring a statement of the stock purchase and sell amounts.
  • Union Dues. The union dues you paid during the prior year may be tax deductible.
  • College Tuition. You may be able to deduct tax for any college tuition and fees you paid.
  • Student Loan Interest. If you paid a portion of your school loans, you might be able to deduct the interest you paid. Your student loan servicer will issue you a 1098-E with the amount you paid in interest.
  • Medical Expenses. The IRS may allow you to deduct tax on some of your expenses if the costs exceeded 10% of your adjusted gross income.
  • Real Estate. Did you buy or sell real estate during the prior year? Bring records of your property purchases and sales.
  • Canceled Debt. Did you settle on a debt from a credit card or mortgage? If a debt you previously owed was canceled or forgiven, it might be taxable. You should receive a 1099-C from your creditor with the canceled amount.  
  • Early Withdrawal Fees on CDs. You may get a tax break on any early withdrawal penalties you paid on a certificate of deposit.
  • Quarterly Taxes Paid. If you’re a business owner, you may have made estimated tax payments during the year. Bring records of paid taxes.
  • Adoption Fees. You may be eligible for a tax credit if you have adoption expenses. Bring your receipts of all money paid per eligible child.
  • Traditional Roth, IRA, or Annuity Contribution. Money paid into your retirement accounts may be tax deductible.
  • Foreign Income and Bank Accounts. Did you earn foreign income, or do you own foreign bank accounts? Bring income records, bank statements, and any foreign tax paid.
  • Energy Efficient Home Improvements. If you’re a home-owner who made energy-efficient improvements on your home, you may be able to deduct expenses. Bring receipts for your costs. 

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New clients only:

Please bring Drivers License, Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificates of Dependents

Copies of last 3 years tax returns

  • All W-2 Forms. You should receive your W-2 Wage and Tax Statement by mail or hand-delivered from your employer by January 31st.
  • All 1099 Forms. If you’re an independent contractor or freelancer, you should receive 1099 forms from your clients by January 31st. Also, bring any unemployment and social security 1099 forms.
  • Awards, Prizes, and Gambling Income. Did you win money or prizes? We’ll determine whether it needs to be reported.
  • Retirement Income. Bring any IRA or 401k distributions you received during the past year.
  • Alimony. Bring proof of any alimony money you received or paid.
  • Legal or Disability Settlement. Did you receive any money from a settlement?
  • Schedule K-1. If you have received income from an estate, trust, S-Corp, LLC, or partnership, you should receive a schedule K-1.
  • Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Property Tax Statements. These statements will show how much tax you paid. Mortgage interest and property tax may be tax deductible.
  • Car registration. The License Fee on your vehicle registration may be tax deductible. Bring your proof of payment.

What Documentation Should I Bring?

The following is a list of documents needed to prepare your income taxes. Everyone's tax requirements are different, and this list may not include an item needed for your specific tax situation.  Please call us to discuss any extraordinary tax filings you may need.

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