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​​​Due to Covid 19 the Ontario office has moved.  We are located in the Hyatt Place Hotel. 4760 E Mills Circle  Ontario, CA 91764

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Did you wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack over your taxes? Call the Tax Doctor! Here are a few things you can get personal help with:

  • Resolving Old Tax Bills. Get support with talking to the IRS and setting up payment plans.

  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure tax issues.

  • Opening a New Business. Get the best advice for structuring your new company.

  • Inheritance. How much tax do you owe?

  • Selling or Buying a New Home. How does it affect your taxes?

  • Resolving Other Tax Difficulties. Send us your letters, and we’ll figure them out.

  • Audit Assistance. We’re on your side.

Clear the mind with a solid plan. You’ll have a full tax strategy for overcoming all tax issues after meeting with us.