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Call the Tax Doctor provides tax and financial consultations.  Do you have an old tax bill?  Are you thinking of sending IRS an Offer in Compromise, which may reduce debt?  Bankruptcy?  Foreclosure?  Do you have questions on how these issues will affect your taxes?  Or are you starting a new business?  Did you receive an inheritance?  We can sit with you and outline a plan or discuss strategies for handling these types of issues.


We can prepare your corporate and partnership tax returns and K-1 schedules.  We provide quick, expert service.  We can prepare your Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Statement of Information and all your corporate filings.  REMEMBER, corporate returns are due March 15th of the year.  Call the Tax Doctor and avoid late filing fees, interest and penalties.


Call the Tax Doctor can prepare all types of tax returns.  We prepare quarterly and annual filings of Board of Equalization returns.  City of Los Angeles business tax returns are due by Feb. 28th of the year. These returns can be filed by our office on-line.  Did you work out of state last year?  We can file your out of state return for all 41 states.  Remember there are 7 states without state income taxes. Can you name them?


Call the Tax Doctor offers several E-bank products.  In most instances fees for our services can be deducted from your tax refund.  No need to pay upfront.  The ERC and ERD program allows you to keep your cash in your pocket.  Your tax refund can be directly deposited into one or more bank accounts, or you can pick up your check from our office.


Our E-tax services saves you time, money and gas.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO COME INTO THE OFFICE!  This service allow you to prepare your federal and state tax return by e-mail, e-fax, fax,. or mail.  You still receive the same day service.  Your tax return is e-filed the same day.


All tax returns prepared by Call the Tax Doctor are e-filed the same day.  This insures you will receive your refund quickly as possible.  Tax returns are e-filed and reviewed for acceptance by IRS.  Recently the IRS has put in place the MEF or Modernized E-File system.  Tax returns are reviewed and accepted within an hour during non-peak times.  This means you may receive your refund in less than a week.


Call the Tax Doctor provides an array of income tax services.  E-tax service, E-filing, E-Bank Products, along with Tax and Financial counseling, Audit assistance and review.  We can prepare your Corporate, Partnership, Board of Equalization, Out-of-State, and City tax returns.  Do you want your federal income tax return prepared quickly?  On the same day?  Do you want to receive your tax refund as fast as possible? 

We are experts specializing in preparing tax returns for Teachers, Probation Officers, Small Business, Police and Firemen, Realtors and Brokers, Insurance Agents and ALL City, County and State employees.

What are you waiting for?  Call the Tax Doctor!

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